Perseverance on Mars

In the UCG Mars projects we have assumed that human residents on Mars would use MOXIE to produce breathable Oxygen. Earlier this week NASA announced that they had done another successful test with Perseverance, this time with the MOXIE unit. However, it is still a little ways away from the amounts needed for Humans, let alone to produce enough Oxygen for a return trip to Earth.

Yesterday the Mars Helicopter logged its second flight. Having flight capability will be especially important for the exploration of the Red Planet.

Now if we only could solve the radiation problem

Video on Inclusive Teaching from UCG

This very nice video was produced by students from UCG under guidance from Oksana Kavastyuk:

As a part of the educational research (Comenius project) at the UCG, students investigated how to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) courses more gender inclusive. In a short video students will tell teachers what to change/improve in their courses to create a more inclusive classroom. We believe that small changes can make a big difference!

University Council Elections 2021

I am currently a member of the University Council of Groningen University in the Netherlands. In the upcoming elections I once again hope to be elected to the council. I have enjoyed working with the diverse team in our faction and learned a lot about how the University functions, and sometimes does not function. The elections will start on 17 May 2021, and I will use this platform in the future to add information about my activities as a University Council member.