The workload for instructors and lecturers in Academia has been mounting for decades. This past academic year saw a pandemic and a concurrent increase in student enrolment, which has made a bad situation worse, especially for parents with school-age kids that had to spend time and attention on homeschooling them during an already extra busy workday. WO-in-actie has previously petitioned the government to provide more funding to relieve the work-load, and currently a new initiative is reiterating this need, not just for appointing teaching assistants, but people at the the faculty level. In the letter the groups, WO in Actie together with the unions, is asking for an increase of 20% of the teaching related personnel budget. As a University council member of the RUG I support this letter. However, the personnel faction and the unions are working together to ask the board of the University to take such actions. We cannot wait for money to come from Den Haag. It is time to act now!

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